Rent a BOAT

Korcula is surrounded by numerous islands and reefs. Some of them harbor small romantic villages, where for centuries families work the rough stone into statues of unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship, all waiting for you to explore!

BOAT rental offer

The jewel of the archipelago is the island of Badija, the biggest island in the archipelago. You can lose yourself in a thick forest where deers roam freely. Or go sightseeing the riches of the ancient monks monastery, silent and peaceful corridors and terraces where they seek refuge and solitude for contemplation. Enjoy swimming and sunbathing while exploring numerous beautiful islands of our archipelago!

Conditions for renting boat

  • It is necessary to sign a charter agreement by which the client is responsible for the vessel at the time of the charter. “In case of damage, the client is responsible for the ship, and the amount of damage is determined by the employee of the agency in charge of ships.
  • It is necessary to leave a deposit of 400kn (50eur) and the client leaves one document in the agency (passport, ID or other document with a picture)
  • Driving experience is desirable but not necessary because the agency employee during the rental explains to the client how to handle the boat, in case the agency employee still estimates that the client is not able to manage the vessel independently, the contract is canceled.