Odysseus cave

Starts in the morning 09:00. We depart from Korčula port (Obala korčulanskih brodograditelj) which is 50m away from agency trip to cave lasts 1h 15min. On our way to Mljet we go through Korčula archipelago, trip to island Mljet takes 45min. Upon arrival to Mljet we go to south side for sightseeing of tall rocks that look like amphitheater, they look like that because of the effect of the waves over the years. During our sightseeing we also show you the entrance to the national park from sea. Our next destination is called Ropa bay which is famous for having a lot of small caves that are really beautiful. As we approach Odysseus cave we can also see rock called Ogiran. During high tide rock is completely covered by sea and is a great danger to the sailors. According to the legend because of that Odysseus was shipwrecked and swam to the cave where he took shelter and was trapped for seven years by nymph Calypso. Odysseus cave is egg shaped 5m wide, tunnel is long 20m and depth of the sea is 10m. We are there around noon which is best time because sunlight creates a spectrum of colors in the sea. We provide you with snorkeling equipment to fully explore and enjoy the cave. On top of the rocks you have a bar if you want to have some drinks and enjoy beautiful view. We stay on the cave for 2h and 30min and then we go back to Korčula archipelago on island of Vrnik. Vrnik is famous for rock excavation that was used to build Dubrovnik and Korčula palaces, part of white house in Washington, Aja Sofia etc. It has a museum, art gallery and tavern with local dishes if you want to try local cuisine and a lot of small pebble beaches. Our final destination is Stupe island famous for it’s Moro beach bar which has one of the best chefs in Croatia Igor Gudac working there, it has spacious beach, DJ in rocks and swings in water.. We depart from Stupe at 17:15 and we are in Korčula at 17:30. Price per person 590kn and for children under 8 years 490kn.  Snorkeling equipment and cold water on boat are included, lunch on island of Vrnik is (optional).

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